Some fanart for Flattery, by hnsbeckert! (Please take heed of the warnings and tags before you decide to read!)

This is just perfect

that karkat is my perfect headcanon



Some fanart for Flattery, by hnsbeckert! (Please take heed of the warnings and tags before you decide to read!)

This is just perfect

that karkat is my perfect headcanon



Promstuck Act 1.1 - http://promstuck.tumblr.com/post/6601814948/enter-name tohttp://promstuck.tumblr.com/post/6888899820

Are you ready to have the time of you life? 
Well, you better owe it all to these guys.

Narrator: VexatiousIdler
Karkat Vantas: AmbitiousBard
Flashback Karkat: Zanney
Eridan Ampora: Richi
Terezi Pyrope: Inky
Dave Strider: Biggs 
John Egbert: Mike “Tooch” Mattucci
Vriska Serket: Kylee Henke

Promstuck is a subdivision of the Homestuck AU, Marchingstuck. It’s written by urbanAnchorite and Cephied_Variable, and is illustrated by Shelby.
To read Promstuck, CLICK HERE

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prom-stuck!!!! MY FIRST AU

Okay. I have something I NEED to say.


Okay something I just saw REALLY bothered me. And made me incredibly upset on so many levels. I have to share it with everyone or I swear i’ll explode- It’s made me that upset.

Okay, I was looking at all the Homestuck ask-blogs when I happened upon a link to a different blog with a certain image which had yet ANOTHER link which lead to this page: http://official-hs-wives.deviantart.com/

I read through it and I became aware of the magnitude of how disgusting it was. I mean, fine- They are obsessed and they are married to the Homestuck Trolls. Mind you, obsessed to the point where they actually believe themselves to be REAL TROLLS LEGALLY…. Let them. But what really REALLY burned me up was when I saw THISSERIOUSLY?

Yes. Those are links to TUMBLR PAGES.

Guys, I seriously don’t get mad very often, but when I see something like this- where a person or a group of people go around BASHING and BULLYING other people who share in their obsession just because they claim THEY did it first- DISGUSTS ME. Furthermore, they CLAIM-and are BRAGGING-to be OFFICIALLY MARRIED to the trolls when they got married ON AN INTERNET SITE. And they claim that HUSSIE OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZES THIS.

The INTERNET SITE they got “Officially Married” on is called http://www.virtualvow.com/ according to the “Official Certificate” she has that states shes married to Gamzee Makara.

WELL REALITY CHECK. It clearly states on that website:

Important Legal Note: All marriages, weddings, and divorces on this site are NOT legally binding, and are not official in any way.”


     Readers, these girls have been running around BULLYING other people who share in their love of the same topic- I know this because I read their deviantART’s  and some Tumblrs where I saw them bashing other people(including one stating she would assess how worthy and real looking cosplayers look to her “husband” at conventions). Not only that, they would call their victims bullies and post some sob story about how they are being bullied on Tumblr and DeviantART as well.

     Situations like this should NEVER happen on the internet or anywhere else. In fandom, there’s a fine line between being a FAN and then being so-obsessed-that-you-“Marry”-the-character-and-seek-to-ruin-it-for-everyone-else. Besides, if anyone actually gets legally MARRIED to any of Hussie’s characters he would probably kill them off and never speak of them again. I seriously think he would.

     Thanks guys to listening to my rant. I feel tons better. Also my condolences to those who actually were bullied by these girls or anyone else like this. It shouldn’t ever happen. It’s wrong.

On a happier note, here’s a picture of a rainbow bucket. For fun.

oh my


((Thanks to star-of-orion for the song idea!))



why did i make these

these are not even good enough to go on my art blog LMAO

part 2

Part 3

Homestucks Troll cursors, Karkat, Terezi and Eridan

This ones are the complete ones C: It has for example:

All of them are animate at least in 1 thing. I hope that you like it :D <3







***I will continue with the other ones later because I will enter to finals this week :C

****And a little “Thank you” will not hurt c: